Stories that Inspire Hope -Potiphar Moses

After the death of his father in 2007, Potiphar went to live with his elderly mother in Dowa where due to poverty, he dropped out of school in Standard 3 to start herding cattle.

It was four years later that his elder brother Masautso visited him in Dowa and encouraged him to continue with school as it is his only way out of misery. With encouragement from the brother, Potiphar moved from Dowa to Salima where he continued his primary school at Kapiri Primary school.

IMG_2948 Potiphar outside his brother’s house in Salima. 

According to Potiphar, before he dropped out of school, he was not a bright student. But the advice from his brother propelled him to work hard in school, evident by the fact that from the time he started Standard 4 up to 2016 when he wrote his Standard 8 examinations, the only time he failed was when he got position two while in Standard 5, he was always on position One in a class of 29.

In 2016 he wrote his Standard 8 examinations, and he was the only student from Kapiri Primary School to be selected to a conventional secondary school, Salima secondary school.

17-year-old Potiphar is a promising kid, his Standard 8 exam results attest to this:

Science A

Mathematics B

English B

Chichewa A

Social Studies A

Agriculture A


Sadly, as the first school term started last year in August, Potiphar’s brother could not afford to pay his school fees. He only stayed in school for the two weeks’ grace period thereafter was sent back home.


Schools opened yesterday, but Potiphar is still at home. There is no hope of him going to school.  Fess at Salima secondary school is K65,000 per term.

Potiphar left Dowa with a hope that school would pave way for his future. He did all he could by working hard that he excels in school.

What he needs now, are people who can believe in his ability and help him realize his dream of becoming a Doctor.


One thing that struck me as we talked were these words: “I feel bad that I worked hard and was selected to an expensive school. My standard 8 classmates who were selected to Community Day Secondary Schools now leave me at home as they go to school. I wish I were selected to Msalura CDSS, maybe my brother could afford” he said.  Potiphar has proved his academic prowess, let’s come together and help him.


If you are not in a position to help, please share Potiphar’s story.




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