Wait, we have a nation to build, rebuild.

Let’s rebuild for this next generation.

Be afraid when the kwacha accelerates at a pace matching Usain Bolt’s. On the other hand, Nyasas are busy jesting over one prophet’s drollery.

A people have to be scared when the leaderships seems to have completely lost contact with reality on the ground, or to use the late Muckraker’s phrase; when  our governors seems to have ‘juggled priorities’.

Having limped out of a fortnight with an equal share of comedy, I write to give one more reason why as a nation we should be on our knees, perhaps we have already been knocked to the ground, economically.

It is very sad that at a time when international bodies are tiring trying to make our country a better place, it’s evident the inhabitants aren’t interested in any in-house cleansing activities, if radio phone inn programs and social media updates are to be the scaling measure.

The rate at which service delivery is pacing, leaves one wondering whether we are on autopilot or there’s indeed someone in control of this plane called Malawi.

One realises that we are lost when the entire Ministry of Health signs letters directing nursing graduates they can now go to their respective working posts, only to wake up a week later to say the government, of which the MoH is a branch of, does not have money to pay them.

What kind of stuff is being puffed by the people up there? Perhaps the legalisation of industrial hemp has come too early.

And the irony of recalling qualified nurses who could help reduce our 17:1000 patient to nurse ratio, while huge sums of money are spent on shoppers masquerading as state delegation on their spree to New York.

Our drama is unending especially when one learns that out of the 15 million plus Malawians, no one seems to be sure of how many people were on  the entourage that had escorted our leader.

Everyone has their own number, 15, 20, 111, or 115, it just depends on whose mouth is speaking, and which plate that mouth got its breakfast from, this is sickening too.

Our drama is far from ending, especially when one realises that we comfortably elected a bunch of fault finding mechanics to act as members of the opposition. A team that has specialised with pointing fingers at the governing party; “This is wrong”, “That is bad”, “The budget is bloated”. Solutions?  Vote for us come 2019, sigh! This free for all comic book will never be closed.

Someday, I wrote of a 26 year old young man who is rotting at Maula for stealing K200, 000 from his shop owner boss in Lumbadzi. The just judge slapped this filthy thief with a 14 year jail term, yes! Thieves have to be severely punished, that others learn that taking someone’s money without consent is a depravity.

But wait, it’s not always a perversion. What matters is the venue, who owns what you have stolen and what’s your name.

As the lad is decaying at Maula, lighter sentences, or let’s just say freedom is being served to those rightly positioned. Our trust is busted when justice is raped, violently and mercilessly ravished by those entrusted with the wig.

All around us we are in thick darkness. As citizens, we have nowhere to run.

But as noted by Swiss-French philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau in ‘The Social Contract’; as soon as any man says of the affairs of the state, “what does it matter to me?” the state may be given up for lost.

Whether blue, green, orange, yellow or whatever colour one dons, it’s time to prioritise Malawi.

I might not have been there during the 80’s. But am informed of how common people used to enjoy the luxury of double deck buses, which today are reserved for the high class. Sad!

We are all in a moving train called Malawi, but no one minds that our caravan is moving backwards. It’s time we accepted that we have one Malawi, we have one leader, at least for now.

Even if no one will be “proudly Malawian”, they won’t cease from being a Nyasa. For if this 51 year old ship sinks, we all drown together.

50 plus years after breaking away from those we agreed were our oppressors, it’s time we rebuilt this house.


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