This story may be endemic to those who live in Blantyre; it may go further only to be appreciated by those who usually use the small path from The Polytechnic enroute to Chitawira.

If not for one Richard Botolo, all of us would be forced to use longer routes. For those who don’t know this name, he is the brain behind the stones which are laid on the stream so that we can have a bridge to cross.

As we go towards the May tripartite elections how I wish the 62 year old Botolo was one of the aspiring candidates because he would have my vote. As our candidates are busy making empty promises, my nominee Mr Richard Botolo helps students, workers and the common save their time by constructing a bridge using locally available materials and he doesn’t force people to pay but others give their free will offering.

In humanity, if we are to move forward we have to appreciate such small acts of kindness.



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