Life is full of choices. Even our thinking process is based on making choices. When making choices consider this;



  1. Remember that you make a choice out of many alternatives but you are to choose one which may seem hard because all may seem good. If you make a good choice you feel comfortable and free.
  2. Consider what is important for you. Look at your long term plan and try to take a path which is the same with it because many people suffer because they make foolish choices in order to solve immediate problem without thinking about long term plan.
  3. Lastly consider your values, religion culture and personal principles. Don’t make choices which do not deviate far from any of these cornerstones as these cornerstones are what define your moral compass. Remove yourself from the choice and map the choice against the framework of your values, religion, culture and personal principles. Does the choice you want to take pass this test? If it does, then now subject it to the test of whether it is the right or wrong choice for you? Remember that you can do this by simply checking if you feel comfortable and free with your choice.



  • “Every choice requires leaving something else behind”> Dr. Navallo Valls
  • “You cannot eat the cake and at the same time have it in your hand, cherishing and enjoying seeing it in your eyes.”>An English proverb.



(With extracts from Real World preparation by Dr. Matthews Mtumbuka)


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