Having worked with Environment Africa a non-government organisation that works with rural communities in environmental consservation for close to eight weeks i have learnt alot about what community development work is all about.Though not admired by many since it is not a high profile job but thank God that we have a few who are dedicated working in this forgotten sector.Many who are working in this part are not motivated much by the peanuts they get but rather by getting the job done.Working in the most ignored parts of the districts,where no graduate can dream of working in while at school.Thank God we have a few who have dedicated their time,energy and knowledge to the people in this forgotten world.Usually departing from home for our usual field visits at 7:30am and coming back at 6:30pm while the exact time is 8:00am to 4:30pm.While others are resting for the weekend,,a development worker is on the bike to travel 30 kilometres to conduct community mobilization meetings on Saturday.Comes a time when you are working with communities who are used to getting money handouts from other NGO’s.When you tell them that development work is for their own benefit,,the ‘wisest’ among them will murmur “Akufuna kutidyera masuku pamutu”(he has our money,just that he wants to use it for his own benefit).At times when you gather the people for a training on Food and Nutrition i their own village,,when you release the people for lunch at 11:30 they will demand lunch allowances whilst their houses are just about two metres from the meeting place.By the end of the day,the villagers will be able to identify the different food groups and their nutritional values.Although i have stood on the sun for the whole day not ignoring the fact that Salima is hot but still am glad since my good friends can now construct modern animal kraals and are able to grow vegetables in their own gardens.At seeing all this a rural development worker is excited greatly more than the day he gets his small cash.I write this to appreciate the handwork being done by all rural development workers in Malawi and beyond as we strive to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.This is also an invitation to all of you who are just staying to join the community organizations to help in development.I Salute You All!!!!!!!!!!


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